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Add-on magnetic clasps


*All orders will be shipped out the week of December 5th 

Our add-on magnetic clasps can be attached to any necklace to make it more accessible. The magnetic clasp can greatly benefit individuals that struggle with fine motor skills, such as those with arthritis or physical disabilities. We hope to make the world more inclusive one necklace at a time. To purchase in larger quantities please email shop@havenandco.ca

Our add-on magnetic clasps does require the use of a traditional clasp to be attached to your current necklace, but once it is on you can use the magnetic clasp with ease.

The add-on magnetic clasps have a traditional clasp on one end and a hoop on the other. Attach the claps on your necklace with the hoop and attach the hoop your necklace with the clasp. This allows you to change the length of necklace by moving the magnet with the claps attached to your desired length. 

The magnetic clasp is strong and only releases when it is tugged fairly hard, which is a safety precaution. This avoids the chain breaking or someone from choking. There is a possibility that the chain could get caught and release without your knowledge. By purchasing you are acknowledging that Haven and Co. is not responsible for the loss or damage of any items when using the magnetic clasps. We have created them to aid individuals that cannot use traditional jewelry clasps. If a magnetic clasp is not the right option for you we offer all our necklaces with traditional clasps as well.  

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